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Who is Walt Goshert?

Walt Goshert is an independent “saleswriter” and marketing strategist with more than 25 years experience in direct sales, marketing, sales writing, and direct- response lead generation in the financial services industry.

Walt has written copy for clients including Aetna, Nationwide Insurance, Wells-Fargo, Countrywide, Fireman’s Fund, Fidelity Investments, and leading insurance agents and independent financial advisers.

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    How ‘Bout 107 “Bonus” Small Business Marketing Ideas?

    I think Catherine Lawson’s list subconsciously planted “107″ in my brain.

    Her 107 Great Resources To Unleash The Entrepreneur Within You…

    … is incredible!

    Even more amazing, while both Catherine’s and my “107″ points you to a few of the same marketing minds… like Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, Michel Fortin, Skellie, Michael Gerber, John Jantsch…

    There’s not a one duplicate link!

    Two- Hundred- Freakin’- Fourteen Free Marketing Resources

    Stay tuned… coming up, I’ll sort and make sense of these two linkbait…

    Er, ah … fantastic, business-changing marketing resources.

    Kinda a “best of” that gives you a step-by-step Marketing Blueprint for your business.

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