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Who is Walt Goshert?

Walt Goshert is an independent “saleswriter” and marketing strategist with more than 25 years experience in direct sales, marketing, sales writing, and direct- response lead generation in the financial services industry.

Walt has written copy for clients including Aetna, Nationwide Insurance, Wells-Fargo, Countrywide, Fireman’s Fund, Fidelity Investments, and leading insurance agents and independent financial advisers.

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    … A Viral Video Marketing “Playing” Lesson

    You’ve taken a viral video of Tiger Woods (well, it’s viral in the golf world…) and turned it into tons of comments and buzz about your site. Great lead-in and credibility for your Ultimate Golf System program.

    Now, let’s look at Tracy’s near-perfect play from a marketing tactics standpoint:

    1. He borrows Celebrity Endorsement from the #1 Golfer on the planet, Tiger Woods… without paying Tiger a dime!

    2. Tracy demonstrates his knowledge and positions himself as The Expert, a Golf Swing Guru.

    3. The comments act as testimonials and re-enforce Tracy’s Expert status.


    He does three things so beautifully, just as Tiger does with his swing.

    But, at the moment of impact, Tracy shanks it!

    Yep, Tracy Reed, top-notch golf swing guru, looking to sell a $197 Ultimate Golf System DVD Program, you deliver a picture perfect “marketing” swing…

    • You got a free implied endorsement from Tiger Woods
    • You’ve demonstrated in detail your knowledge and understanding of the golf swing, positioning yourself as a Golf Swing Guru.
    • You’ve gathered glowing endorsements and comments, adding to your credibility.
    • You hint at a Ultimate Golf Swing Program. (the link under the video)

    But, I’m sorry to say, at the moment of truth, you’ve lost tons of “marketing” juice.

    Tracy let me step in as your “Marketing Caddy”…

    Here are two “marketing” swing thoughts:

    1. Make an Irresistible Offer

    “Thanks for watching my Tiger Woods Swing Analysis. I invite you to leave your comments and questions. And when you leave a comment today…and today only… you’ll receive a 25% no-questions asked discount off my guaranteed Ultimate Golf System.

    2. Have a clear, step-by-step Call-to-Action.

    “Do you want to learn how to apply the Tiger Woods swing secrets to your swing?

    Click on the Ultimate Golf Swing System link under the video… Right now, while it’s fresh on your mind… and discover how you can be a Tiger too!”

    Do you think these two simple changes would help Tracy sell more Ultimate Golf Systems?

    What would you suggest to Tracy?

    The Marketing Caddy…
    Where Small Business Marketing Pros Leverage Hidden Assets for Exponential Growth

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