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Who is Walt Goshert?

Walt Goshert is an independent “saleswriter” and marketing strategist with more than 25 years experience in direct sales, marketing, sales writing, and direct- response lead generation in the financial services industry.

Walt has written copy for clients including Aetna, Nationwide Insurance, Wells-Fargo, Countrywide, Fireman’s Fund, Fidelity Investments, and leading insurance agents and independent financial advisers.

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    “Right” Market: Attract Your Ideal Client

    Ok… you want to grow your business.

    Over the years, you’ve blown thousands of dollars on ads and marketing crap that while some of it worked, lots of it bombed, and the stuff that did work…

    Well… you’re not quite sure why it worked, or you’re now scratching your head wondering why it’s suddenly turned limp and lame.

    Now, you’ve stopped listening to ad sales reps who know as much about marketing that puts money in your pocket as a poodle on Prozac.

    Congratulations! You’ve decided to step up and work ON marketing… ON Marketing Innovation throughout your business. Marketing Innovation that positions your business for EXPONENTIAL growth.


    You’re wondering…

    “Where do I start?”

    Small Business Marketing Innovation—- Beginning Steps

    1. Get Clear. Understand the 10 Natural Marketing Advantages that you possess as a small business.

    2. Focus. Sharpen your focus on a target market segment. “In order to survive, (and I believe thrive) most small businesses must adopt a narrow market focus. In doing so, they can develop a premium reputation for serving that narrow market.” From John Jantsch’s 10 Natural Advantages article.

    3. Understand the Power. Of a Well-Selected Target Market.

    4. Shift Your Thinking. Think Clients, Not Customers.

    5. Find Ideal Clients. Three questions you must answer.

    All right, you still with me?

    Here are three more tough questions about that picture of the Ideal Client of yours floating around in your head:

    1. How do You describe Your Ideal Client?

    2. What are You DOING to Attract this Ideal Client to Your Business?

    And, as Dr. Phil says…

    3. “How’s that workin’ out for ya?”

    Share your answers.

    Raise your questions.

    Maybe all you have are questions…

    That’s OK… it doesn’t matter.

    Go ahead and share ‘em in the comments here.

    We’ll all pitch in, work together, and help each other understand how to Attract Ideal Clients and adopt Innovative Marketing.

    To Your “EXTRAORDINARY” Success,

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